1. a. Mutation Current

    Generate a SparqlUpdate (SU-Set) for each Oxigraph transaction. keep Mutation metadata in triplestore.

  2. b. Query

    accept nextgraph URIs in SPARQL queries

  3. c. Federated Query

    accepted nextgraph URIs in SERVICE

  4. d. OCap

    OCAP enforcement in queries

  5. e. Encryption at rest

    accepted nextgraph URIs in SERVICE

  6. f. RDF-star

    RDF-star and SPARQL-star adaptation to SU-set

  7. g. Blanknodes skolemization

    Blanknodes skolemization

  8. h. SPARQL endpoint

    Modify SPARQL endpoints to match the new URI API

  1. a. Signature of commit

    Signature of commit

  2. b. Signature of snapshot

    Signature of snapshot

  3. c. Lofire integration - metadata

    Lofire integration - metadata

  4. d. Signature API

    API to retrieve the commit signature and the PublicKeySet

  1. a. Automerge-rs

    Integration of automerge-rs

  2. b. Yrs

    Integration of Yrs

  3. c. Prosemirror+Yjs

    Lofire integration - metadata

  4. d. Codemirror+Yjs

    Integration of codemirror+Yjs

  1. a. Website and tools

    Creation of a website at detailing the project and offering a forum (Zulip) and a VCS (Gitea) for project management. source code will be mirrored on github too.

    Visit the forum !
  2. b. Documentation Current

    Full documentation and specification

    Read the docs
  3. c. Tutorials

    Write tutorials, getting started guide

  1. a. Four Datasets of a Site

    4 Datasets of a Site

  2. b. Containers

    LDP containers

  3. c. Cache

    Cache with ng:revision, ng:access, ng:cache

  4. d. UserStore